1. My love

  2. I love how this shot came out. I was out around 2 in the morning when I took this. Taken with a Canon EOS 5/50mm F1.4 and Fujicolor 400. That’s the thrill about shooting film. You pray that your exposures turn out alright especially when shooting at night. 

  3. The motto

  4. Christela Marquez

  5. A picture of me taken by Joan using film.

  6. Yapo

  7. Took some pics with Yapo today. More pictures to follow.

  8. GG

  9. GG

  10. Had another shoot this weekend. Pictures to follow :)

  11. Walking

  12. Had another shoot with Jooley this weekend. More pictures to follow.

  13. Jooley

    the rest of the photos of this series shall be seen in an exhibit in Baguio City at Cafe by the Ruins on July 20th.

  14. Selina


  15. On July 18th Joan Ilejay and I shall be having another exhibit of our works in Baguio. I’m excited to see the rolls of film i’m yet to develop.