1. Jooley

    the rest of the photos of this series shall be seen in an exhibit in Baguio City at Cafe by the Ruins on July 20th.

  2. Selina


  3. On July 18th Joan Ilejay and I shall be having another exhibit of our works in Baguio. I’m excited to see the rolls of film i’m yet to develop.


  4. I shall be developing my first batch of colored film this week. Thrilled.

  5. Oceano

    Oceanscapes/seascapes - Canon EOS 7D - 24/70mm 2.8/10-20 4.0 - 5.6

  6. First photo exhibit. You can check them out in Ki’kan/Ayuyang in Baguio City. They’ll be there for the whole month of May. Thanks to Malen Rosito and Mae Mae Rosito for making this happen. Also check out Joan Ilejay's art pieces in there as well

  7. |

  8. 変える

  9. Joan

  10. グッドナイト

  11. スルー

  12. To be able to get a fresh perspective from scenes familiar to me was the goal of this photo series.
    All shots were taken with a Canon EOS 5/Fujifilm Neopan 400
  13. Stocking up

  14. Puyat sports

  15. Out of sync film shots